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Launch of Izi

[Google translated: sorry for mistakes]
Who participates in “Il Caicio” association meetings can testify: we say ever: the boats – to survive – should be left a little better than how you found it.
Izi, which is one of our social traditional “sandalo”, is no exception.
This year has been significant for the conservation of this small wooden boat.
The old woods that compose it are together since 1976, and in some cases they’re exhausted: nail it again is not enough anymore for the structures.
So f
or the last summer season we begun to rebuilt a floor (piana), a frame (sancone) forward and we fully caulked planking with tarred hemp and then pass it with a base of linseed oil putty.
But even this is not enough. Until we can’t get a suitable social space for restoration workshops, we decided to go to the Shipyard “Pericle” by Bruno Toso in Murano island, one of the few remaining in Venice who still works with boats wisdom Wood, and have some extraordynary jobs.
The works are to strengthen the wale (nerva o schermo) with the buttresses (wedges and crackers) and disassemble the foredeck – the juxtaposed boards spruce have been the subject of several interventions in the past and the moisture did deteriorate the deck itself and the beam that supports it – to restore the wood and stop further degradation.
The boat returns in a short time in the water with a ready base coat and at the row-test we note that it’s certainly much more compact.
So we called o
ur members to complete the finishing touches.
Taking advantage of the high tide we went at one of the last two remaining public shipyard in Venice where it is ready to act an efficient team.
Our cheerful volunteers after a sanding (to better hold on the paintings) and grouting with linseed oil, plaster tailors and a dash of paint.
We laid a white hand on the bow and over it the yellow and red colours (that correspond to ancient boat rent family in Venice: until a few years ago to rent row boats was a common activity, as opposed to today that has completely disappeared).
Work will take place in times of pit stops, sharing moments of collective collaboration.
Izi is back in the water!
Ready to better face another year of floating cultural projects!

2 comments on “Launch of Izi

  1. Se com’è che penso a posa esser a barca fatta da Nino dee barche a San Boldo El fitabatee per so fradeo Alfredo in magasen cavando na diesena de piere sotto el balcon per far a prova,mantenendo El ricordo nei coori del stasio da venexian ve ringrazio per El bel avoro che porte avanti co tanto entusiasmo e auguri per a Vostra compania

    1. Buongiorno Silvio!
      Eh già: deve essere proprio la barca di cui stai parlando! Da quel che sappiamo Izi è stata costruita proprio da Nino (Giovanni Navarbi, fittabatele a San Boldo) per il fratello.
      Bello sapere che qualcuno si ricora ancora di questi fatti!
      Grazie per il simpatico augurio che ricambiamo. Un saluto!

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